How To Get Enough Vitamin D Without Risking Your Skin?


Many sunbed manufacturers claim that it’s necessary to expose your skin to dangerous UV light in order to get sufficient levels of Vitamin D into the body.

However, while it’s true that UV light – such as that found in natural sunlight and in indoor sunbeds – can help your body to produce Vitamin D, there’s other far safer ways to get your quota.

Here’s a few simple ways you can make sure that you get enough Vitamin D, even during the winter months.

Don’t Give up Having a Tan

Before we move on to the other ways that you can get your Vitamin D, if you’re using it as an excuse to hop into a sunbed to get a good tan, there are other ways.

Spa Tan Tablets provide a golden glow from head to toe, without any white patches and you don’t need to expose your skin to harmful UV rays. The natural ingredients, which are all safe and FDA approved, work with your own body to kickstart the production of melanin, just as if you’d been in the sun. The end result is a beautifully natural tan, without the danger of skin cancer or premature wrinkling.

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Eat the Right Foods

Although sunlight can help to produce Vitamin D, in some cases it’s difficult to get enough from UV rays. As you get older, the pigment which converts sunlight to Vitamin D reduces, and other factors such as sunscreen, being darker skinned and cloud cover can also mean it’s not always easy to get enough even if you do decide to expose your skin.

The good news is that there’s lots of foods which contain high levels of Vitamin D. Look out for sardines, fresh salmon (wild), fortified milk and yoghurt, breakfast cereals and cod liver oil.

Take a Supplement

If you don’t think you are eating enough of the foods which are high in Vitamin D, an easy alternative is to take a vitamin supplement.

You’ll find a variety of multi-vitamins on the market but look for one which contains a minimum of 2000IU of Vitamin D3. This is the best variant to look for because it’s a particularly active form and is almost identical to what you’d get from being in the sun.