How To Keep Your Skin Looking Good In The Winter


During the summer, it’s easy to have a feel-good glow, but as the weather gets colder skin can become dry, tired and grey-looking.

But with a few top tips, you can look good all year long with very little effort.

Here’s a few ideas how to keep your skin looking its best during the winter months.

Slather On The Face Cream

There’s nothing better than the great outdoors, and going for a brisk walk or a run in the colder months can be really invigorating.

But although you might not have to worry about sunburn any more, windburn can be just as bad.

To protect your skin, and particularly important if you have sensitive skin, don’t be afraid to apply a generous layer on face cream every time you venture out of the front door. Make sure that whatever brand you choose has a high SPF factor and you should keep the windburn at bay.

If you find you do suffer from patches of painful windburn, a 1% hydrocortisone cream can cool the inflammation quickly.

Look Radiant

beauty-tipsDon’t mourn the loss of your healthy golden appearance when there is a way to stay looking beautifully bronzed all year around.

There’s no need to risk your health in dangerous tanning booths when Rio Tanning Pills will give you an all over glow without harming your skin.

Just a pop 1-2 pills per day and the natural ingredients will work in tandem with your body to produce a radiant, healthy-looking tan – without a nasty orange tinge that fake tans are renowned for!

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Avoid Hot Showers

Sinking into a blistering hot bath, or standing under a steaming shower can feel like heaven when you’ve been out in the cold. However, you could be damaging your skin without realizing it.

The extreme heat might feel great but it will quickly strip away moisture from not just your skin, but your hair too. It’s fair better to stick to lukewarm water and to restrict yourself to no more than 5 minutes.

Protect Yourself From The Inside Out

There’s lots of things you can put on your skin to try and offer maximum protection but if your skin isn’t healthy, you’re fighting a lost cause.

One of the best ways to get your skin looking its best when it’s up against the elements is to help it by providing plenty of nutrients. Look out in particular for items which contain high levels of omega-3 acids, which include avocados, flax, sardines, nuts, fish and olive oil.